The bus trip Germany - Ukraine

Bus Tickets Germany - Ukraine, please keep to the end of the trip.

There are some simple rules for passengers of a bus, please follow them to the end of the trip on the route Ukraine - Germany.

General issues
  1. Your ticket is personal document for traveling by bus and cannot be given to other people. You are not allowed to make any corrections on your ticket.
  2. A passenger with a two way ticket must confirm his departure before 72 hours prior to departure. If not confirm the company has all the rights to sell your seat without any financial compensation to passengers.
  3. Open ticket is valid for 6 months from the departure date.
  4. The firm there the ticket is purchased can return money for unused trip, minus 25%.
  5. Money for the unused return trip won’t be returned.
  6. Lost tickets cannot be renewed, and money you paid for this ticket isn’t returned.
  7. The drivers are not responsible for luggage, money, documents, jewelry, etc. that are not in the luggage compartment.
  8. People under 16 must travel with the adults.
  9. The driver has all rights to refuse to carry passenger, who does not follow the laws, or this documents are not properly filled (including the delayed or lack of visas, money, a return ticket).
  10. In case the passenger, who does not follow customs rules and will be detained at the border, which would delay the trip, the bus crew has the right to continue the trip without the passenger, according to the bus schedule.
  1. For children under 5 - 50%
  2. For children from 5 to 12 - 20%
  3. For the elderly (over 60 years) - 10%
  4. For groups of 10 - 10%
  5. For students (ISIC) c 01.09 to 25.05 - 10%
  1. There are two free places the size of 60x40 cm by one person and hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg.
  2. Extra baggage € 1.5 kg.
Forbidden to carry
  1. Alcoholic products, more than 1 liter per person;
  2. Tobacco products, more than 2 packs per person;
  3. Caviar, no more than one tin per person;
  4. Inflammable and explosive substances;
  5. Meat and dairy products;
  6. Animals;
  7. Plants

General issues